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The Copyrights team is committed to promoting BearKind, an initiative stemming from the Paddington values aimed at spreading kindness and being more respectful towards others and the environment.

Through BearKind, the Copyrights team acknowledges concrete ways in which kindness can have a positive impact on the world.

As part of this claim, we focus on improving our practices with partners as well as within our own team.


              BearKind and our partners:


o    Agreeing with our partners to share the BearKind values and engaging them through small or big steps to participate:

  •     Expecting transparency & visibility on sustainability

  •     Promoting year-on-year reduction of non-recyclable plastic use 

  •     Promoting paper-based products when possible

  •     Developing recyclable packaging

  •     Extending ethical policies to include the animal kingdom

o    For Copyrights to promote licensees for their BearKind progress through dedicated communication on both internal and external platforms, and encourage others to do the same

                BearKind as a team:


o    Being kind to each other:


  • With dignity and respect is how we treat each other

  • Diversity is a richness 

  • Kindness is encouraged in all its different forms

  • Different ideas and journeys are inspiring for all of us

o    Being kind to our environment:

  • Working from home three days a week to reduce carbon footprint

  • Being more sustainable in the way we communicate: 

    • Avoiding storing data on servers for long periods of time

    • Avoiding sharing large files whenever possible

    • Removing pictures and media from email signatures

    • Using public transport to go to meetings


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