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Mush-Mush & the Mushables is already an award winning tv series!

Congratulations to the Mush-Mush team!


* Best 3D Film Award, ANIMATION STUDIO FESTIVAL — USA, January 2020

* Best TV Series, World Festival of Animated Film Varna — Bulgaria, September 2020


* NATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (Kids series programme) — France, April 2020

* LA GUARIMBA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (La Grotta dei Piccoli) — Italy, August 2020

* ANIBAR (Kids & Teen programme) — Kosovo, August 2020 * ANIMAZE (short films programme) — Canada, August 2020

*DYTIATKO (Kids series programme) — Ukraine, September 2020

*WORLD FESTIVAL OF ANIMATED FILM VARNA (TV series programme) — Bulgaria, September 2020

* IAFF GOLDEN KUKER (Episode from TV series) — Bulgaria, September 2020

* ZERO PLUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (short animated films) — Russia, September 2020

*CINEMAGIC FILM FESTIVAL (short films programme) — Northern Ireland, October 2020

*CARTOONS ON THE BAY (International Showcase, Upper Preschool TV Series) — Italy, December 2020

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