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Image from Mush_Mush_Style Guide, page 2

Mush-Mush & the Mushables follows the comedy adventures of the Mushable community as together they put the fun back into fungi!

As pocket-sized Guardians of the Forest, each Mushable has a special gift. While Mush-Mush can communicate with nature, Lilit shines bright like a light and Chep has an impressive memory. As they get to know their talents and their limits, the Mushables find there is still a lot to discover about growing up... Mush-Mush & the Mushablesis a fun journey of self-discovery, exciting outdoor adventure and mush mush more!


As the appointed exclusive brand licensing agent, we are responsible for the brand strategy rollout and the licensing program development for Mush-Mush & the Mushables worldwide (excluding Greater China), alongside the two production companies and creative studios behind the development and production of this original IP - France's La Cabane and Belgium's Thuristar.

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